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Trinidad bid round gets green light

PORT OF SPAIN, October 26, 2018 – Trinidad and Tobago’s Cabinet has approved an eight-block bid round to move forward in early November, local media reported Thursday.


According to the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, shallow-water Block 1b, Block Ub, Block 4c, Lower Reverse L, North Coast Marine Area 2 and North Coast Marine Area 3 will be offered in the first phase, while the onshore Charuma A and Charuma B blocks will be auctioned in phase two.

“In addition, we are already working on two bid rounds that we intend to have next year,” the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian newspaper cited Penelope Bradshaw Niles, a permanent secretary at the energy ministry, as saying to local publication Business and Money. “A shallow-water and onshore bid round, and a deepwater bid round.”

According to Bradshaw Niles, the areas offered contain mainly gas.

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