The Oil & Gas Year Brazil 2019


High-profile interviewees for the report include:

And unique to the report, including interviews with such figures as:

  • Karine Barbalho Fragoso de Sequeira, Oil, Gas and Naval Rxecutive
  • Manager of the Rio de Janeiro State Federation of Industries (Firjan)
  • Stéphane Dezaunay, Managing Director, Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS)
  • Eduardo Chamusca, Brazil Country Director, SBM Offshore
  • José Carlos Elias, Managing Director, Teekay

TOGY is pleased to present The Oil & Gas Year Brazil 2019, published in collaboration with the Rio de Janeiro State Federation of Industries (Firjan) and Brazil’s National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). 

This third edition covers the progress of Brazil’s hydrocarbons industry in attracting foreign investment to the country. The report fouses on the development of the domestic oil and gas value chain and the country’s new policy initiatives, reforms and energy objectives. Key industry stakeholders from both the public and private sectors provided insight into major developments across the value chain, shedding light on the path Brazil will take to capitalise on its potential, particularly that of its offshore Pre-Salt Polygon. 

Oil and gas production is expected to increase over the coming decade, with the ANP projecting an output of 5.5 million bopd by 2027-2028. Furthermore, 44 offshore production systems are expected to come on line by 2030. Brazil has started to attract the attention of oil majors across the globe and will continue to be a regional investment hub for years to come. As such, the report covers the laws and regulations of the new administration that will shape the local investment environment. 

This third edition also delves into other attractive business opportunities in Brazil’s conventional offshore and onshore basins. Less than 30,000 wells have been drilled in the country’s oil and gas history, compared to almost double that in Argentina and more than 100 times that in the USA. The ANP recognises the need to incentivise E&P in areas the prolific Pre-Salt Polygon. 

Despite the progress being made in the development of Brazil’s oil and gas industry, challenges loom overhead. Environmental issues will come to the fore as some segments of society contest the new administration’s move to a more laisssez-faire market approach, particulary in areas near the Amazon rainforest. The government is under pressure to tackle these issues and push forward the industry’s development. 

Extensive in-depth analysis is supported by comprehensive maps, illustrations and graphs to create a market guide essential for players seeking to either expand their operations or enter the Brazilian oil and gas market.

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In this report

  • A very capable Brazilian market

    Marcus CIRIO

    General Manager


    To reduce unemployment, investment is required, but to attract investment, you need a sustainable and organised market that allows investors to make profits.
  • E&P that works for Brazil

    Décio ODDONE

    General Director


    We must develop knowledge of our prospective resources and discover our potential before we pass out of the oil age.
  • Prime interest in Brazil

    Miguel PEREIRA


    Petrogal Brasil

    The Brazilian authorities have done a fantastic job of developing business and providing opportunities for Brazil to grow.
  • Gustavo BURSZTYN, CFO of SHELL BRASIL Shell exec on Brazilian E&P sector

    Gustavo BURSZTYN



    Concerning what is being produced and what the potential is in the Gulf of Mexico, Nigeria, the North Sea and Malaysia, no place in the world compares to Brazil.
  • On the road to Brazil’s oil and gas recovery


    Energy and Natural Resources Sector Leader for Brazil

    KPMG Brasil

    Investors are not afraid of risk, but they cannot live with relevant uncertainty because, in turn, that brings more risk.

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