pipeline in Colombia

FARC causes damage to pipeline

BOGOTA, June 18, 2015 – The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have blown up a part of the country’s second largest pipeline, the Colombian army said on Wednesday.

A section of the 780-kilometre Canon Limon pipeline, which has the capacity to transport up to 210,000 barrels of oil per day from the northeastern province of Arauca to the Caribbean coast, was targeted by FARC rebels earlier this week.

The attack has lead to state-run oil company Ecopetrol shutting down the pipeline.


Despite the closure, the incident will not affect Colombia’s crude exports as it there are adequate stocks at the country’s ports, Reuters reported.

Attacks on Colombia’s hydrocarbons infrastructure by FARC have increased in the past few weeks after the group suspended its unilateral cease fire on May 22.

In May, the group ambushed and killed 11 soldiers, while last week FARC caused damage to an electricity pylon in Caqueta, cutting off power to around half a million people in the area, according to the military.


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