Indonesia's largest power plant shifts from coal towards biomass

Indonesia’s largest power plant shifts from coal towards biomass

JAKARTA, April 8, 2024 – Indonesia’s largest power plant, the 4.71-GW Paiton coal-fired plant, is ramping up its deliveries of biomass fuel as part of a bid to shift to more environmentally sustainable operations, Argus reported on Sunday.

State utility PLN’s fuel procurement subsidiary, PLN EPI, has set its 2024 delivery target at 259,581 tonnes, up 60% from the previous year.


The plant’s 600-MW No.9 unit will see the largest increase in its use of biomass, after having undergone a biomass co-firing upgrade last year. That unit will grow its biomass fuelling more than fourfold, from 2023 levels of 22,741 tonnes to a targeted 105,062 tonnes in 2024.

Wood sawdust is the chief biomass source used by the plant, according to the report.

Photo of the Paiton power plant courtesy of Paiton Energy.

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