Shell ups gas output in Nigeria

ABUJA, March 29, 2016 – Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) increased gas production from the East Niger Delta’s Agbada field in an effort to boost the volume of gas available for power generation purposes, the company announced Tuesday.

According to a statement by Precious Okolobo, SPDC’s corporate media relations manager, production from Agbada was raised from 283,200 cubic metres (10 mcf) to 566,400 cubic metres (20 mcf) and 1,500 bopd. Okolobo also said the company was targeting 1.13 mcm (40 mcf) and 2,500 bopd.


Nigerian media on Tuesday reported that available electricity capacity had fallen from some 5 GW in February to 3.7 GW on Monday on account of gas shortages and power transmission constraints.

SPDC supplies power to the eastern grid through the Afam 6 combined-cycle power plant, which has a generation capacity of 624 MW.

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