Turkey-Russia MoU

Turkey’s gas imports projected to increase in 2015


ANKARA, January 30, 2015 – According to figures released by the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources on Friday, the country’s natural gas imports for 2015 are forecast to rise by 9.6 percent to 52.2 bcm (1.8 tcf). The projected growth is tied to ever-increasing demand for electricity – gas-fired power generation has a 45-percent share in Turkey’s energy matrix.


Most gas – 20 bcm (706 bcf) – will be imported from Russia by the Petroleum Pipeline Corporation. Commonly known as BOTAS, the company will import another 10 bcm (353 bcf) from neighbouring Iran and 6.6 bcm (233 bcf) from Azerbaijan. Additionally, it will import an estimated 5.6 bcm (198 bcf) worth of LNG from Nigeria and Algeria. The remaining 10 bcm (353 bcf) will be imported from Russia by private-sector companies.

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