Transportation Oil and Gas Congress 2023

Among the participants are leading pipeline operators, national oil and gas companies, EPC contractors, solutions and service providers who come together to network and talk over present market solutions. Shell Energy Turkey, Equinor, Linde Group, TotalEnergies, Wood, and other big players have already registered as the Congress delegates.

The business program of TOGC 2023 includes Panels, show type sessions based on discussion between panelists. Panelists discuss the role of pipelines in a sustainable future, digital transformation and optimization: trends and technologies, pipeline economics, pipeline integrity, H2 in Gas Grid.

Within Panels regarding H2 delegates are going to talk about green and blue H2, finding equipment and solutions for H2 transformation, supply-demand, market readiness for H2 and many others.

Digital transformation and optimization of the pipeline industry is also among the topics that are raised in frames of TOGC 2023. Panelists discuss AR, VR and simulation technologies, digital twins, collecting Data and Data management, industrial Internet of Things and smart management systems.

Among the topics included in the business program of the Congress:

  • H2 in Gas Grid: first results
  • Digital transformation and optimization: trends and technologies
  • Recent pipeline projects: construction and commissioning challenges
  • Pipeline Economics: reaching cost efficiency
  • Pipeline security: old and new risks
  • Moving to sustainable future: the role of pipelines

Request the full business program of the Congress here:


MEIS 2022 will explore Mozambique’s fortunes in becoming the largest LNG producer in sub-Saharan Africa and the fourth largest in the world. Over two days, the Summit will bring together over 500 national and international stakeholders to assess how to transform Mozambique from a natural resource producer to an energy and industrial giant.

Programme highlights include:

  • Update on current and future projects
  • Coral Sul FLNG start-up as accelerator for local content, job creation, industrialisation and knowledge transfer
  • Energy transition – how to turn a threat into an opportunity
  • Local Content challenges: qualification, financing, procurement, payment terms
  • Local Content best practices, capacity building, technology transfer
  • Mozambique as a mining global giant
  • Gas fuelling Mozambique: from producer to energy and industrial hub
  • Fast-forwarding electrification of Mozambique
  • Developing a skilled workforce for the energy, minerals and industrial sectors
  • Ensuring Women and diversity are at the core of all developments”


UIOGS is the official platform for oil and gas business in Uganda and the must-attend meeting for all stakeholders in East Africa. Join us for UIOGS 2022 taking place 27-28 September at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

UIOGS 2022 will explore:

  • The opportunities stemming from the announcement of the FID on an industry level
  • Benefits and opportunities for Ugandans through local content
  • Key topics led by Industry leaders prevalent to the Ugandan market
  • Services and Technology implementation – Cross Border Operations

SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference & Exhibition

Share your technological and process expertise within drilling, completions, well intervention, well control, and tubulars at the SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition. Join the global conversation by being part of an exceptional technical program covering a broad range of disciplines within the drilling sector.


Go Digital Energy

Go Digital Energy is an annual B2B summit that goes beyond the digital hype and that covers the entire energy value chain. The summit provides a networking platform for the industry, bringing together and creating a growing network of like-minded professionals and business leaders.

We will hear views of energy leaders, discover how to use the power of data to boost efficiency and scale, how to achieve sustainability goals, and learn more about digital technologies for energy transformation among other topics.

Black Sea Oil & Gas

Black Sea Oil & Gas is an annual B2B event providing a networking platform for the industry for the last 9 years. The conference has the reputation of the largest industry event in the region.

In light of the war in Ukraine, it is becoming ever more important to improve energy security and speed up the energy transition in Europe. Can Romania play an important role in achieving these goals? What are the opportunities that the Black Sea region has to offer? How to reshape the E&P industry?

We will talk about energy security and emerging initiatives to solve the energy crisis, the role of natural gas in energy transition, offshore development in Turkey, Bulgaria, and Georgia, Romanian offshore discoveries and regulatory changes, impacts of TurkStream on Europe, deploying automation at scale to increase efficiency, and other topics.

Green Energy Africa Summit

Green Energy Africa Summit connects ministers and government leaders with the global private sector. In 2022 we will welcome 1,000+ senior delegates across two days of pioneering industry leading insight, delivering deals and transactions across our conference, exhibition, and elite networking platforms. In 2021, we launched the Green Energy Africa Summit at an exclusive ministerial and VIP symposium officiated by H.E. Suhail Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, United Arab Emirates and in the presence of many high profile figures including Africa Union Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy H.E. Dr. Amani Abou-Zeid and Africa Continental Free Trade Area Secretary General H.E. Wamkele Keabetswe Mene. It included round table talks with 30+ ministers from across Africa and beyond who engaged in project-development negotiations with the global private sector. More than 500 institutions attended the event – collectively accountable for controlling more than $100bn of capital for energy projects.

Plastics Conference

Amongst others, medical-grade masks, gloves, PPE, various medical equipment along with several packaging applications have proved to be a lifesaver and played a vital role in protecting the health and safety of frontline workers as well as civilians during the pandemic. However, the manner in which their disposal is handled poses a serious environmental challenge. This is creating an urgent need to change our mindset from the existing linear take-make-dispose model and shift towards a closed-loop, reusability, and recycling-focused model. This requires a systemic transformation where all waste is viewed as a valuable resource and its value is captured within the economy. This can be achieved on the back of innovation through collaboration along the value chain, which was brought to the limelight during the pandemic.

On the flip side, an increased focus on recycling is both a growing threat and an opportunity to the virgin polymers industry. This is making plastic producers, refiners, waste management companies innovate new business models to develop a global economy where plastics are never wasted. Although collection and sorting remain the most challenging barriers to achieve a circular economy, advancements in advanced recycling technologies are aiming to ease the process.

Supply Chain Conference

With countries and companies pledging their support towards carbon neutrality and achieving net-zero goals, supply chain decarbonization has the potential to create a positive impact. Addressing Scope 3 emissions is fundamental for companies to realize these commitments and to create long-term value. Companies can leverage by engaging with suppliers to create a net-zero supply chain, reduce emissions, and boost their climate impact. Collaboration amongst corporations, investors, governments, and the value chain plays a leading role and will bring in systemic changes in the supply chain, to mitigate future risks. Scope 3 emissions also include those from employees commuting as well as business travel, and it calls for a cultural change within organizations.

New areas of growth are here, from reverse logistics to new transport solutions to new energy storage systems, these are set to make big positive changes to supply chain and logistics. Not forgetting the digital side, it is important to put humans at the centre of your digital transformation efforts by upskilling, retaining critical skills, and placing them above technology to create new growth opportunities. A customer-centric supply chain is vital to meet the needs of customers to drive differentiation, growth, and profitability.

The 13th edition of the GPCA Supply Chain Conference puts its spotlight on new growth opportunities to future-proof supply chains. Join us as we bring together supply chain leaders who have tackled the biggest challenges, brought in new growth opportunities, and are shifting the dial through sustainable practices and weathering the uncertainties of tomorrow.

Madrid Energy Conference

The Madrid Energy Conference has become the nexus for Latin American and European energy leaders to discuss energy transition solutions and clean energy advances, as well as how to navigate challenges exacerbated by COVID-19, particularly in terms of finance and fiscal stability in Latin America. Our ability to convene regional and global thought leaders and deliver cutting-edge content ensures that the Madrid Energy Conference 2022 will again provide the forum for the connections and productive discussions that translates into important investment between the regions.

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