2nd Namibia Oil and Gas Conference

The programme will focus on key issues such as sustainable development, investment opportunities, and technological advancements in the industry alongside an international exhibition.  With an agenda that includes expert panels, keynote addresses, and networking opportunities, the conference promises to be an essential platform for shaping the strategic direction of Namibia’s landscape.

Mozambique Energy & Industry Summit (MEIS)

Gilberto Botas, Chairman of Field Ready Mozambique explained: “Bringing together a community of likeminded people devoted to youth employability is central to the Field Ready’s work in Mozambique. We are delighted to partner with the Mozambique Energy and Industry Summit (MEIS) to run the Generation Ready event, where we will bring together the Government of Mozambique, industry leaders, educators and young people.”

The event will bring together young Mozambicans with business leaders, government and educators to network and share ideas about how to prepare the youth of Mozambique for the future of work.

Specifically, it will highlight how sustainable social impacts are being delivered across Mozambique, with real examples of how working together can support youth employability, promote local training and recruitment, support communities and unlock a universe of opportunities for young people.

Prominent speakers and panel discussions will cover various themes during the day, including practical applications to support the youth’s transition from education to employment, the role of major projects in creating job opportunities, collaboration between education and industry, and strategies for attracting and retaining top talent.

Following Generation Ready, the Mozambique Energy and Industry Summit (MEIS) edition will open on the 3 July, hosted by the Provincial Government of Cabo Delgado and the Mozambican Local Content Association (ACLM).

Over two days, MEIS 2024 will bring together key national and international stakeholders, made up of respective governments and leading organisations across the region to share knowledge and drive business opportunities across the continent in the energy sector.

Speaking of the collaboration with Field Ready, Elthon Chemane, MEIS Chairman and President of the Mozambique Local Content Association (ACLM) added: “The highly successful 2nd Mozambique Energy and Industry Summit in 2023 was attended by a record number of delegates, engaged in a world-class programme led by prominent leaders from across the continent, who addressed the key challenges and opportunities throughout Mozambique’s energy and enterprise industry. Local content will be positioned as the nucleus to MEIS 2024, providing access to the projects requiring expertise and best practices both short term and long term as well as direct access for participants to the stakeholders throughout the country, enabling businesses to establish their position in one of the world’s true last frontiers.”

For further details on Generation Ready or the Mozambique Energy and Industry Sumit or to register your attendance, visit https://mozambique-ei.com/

Baku Energy Week

Every year, the Baku Energy Week, comprising three important events, gathers energy industry leaders from across the globe, drawing attention to Azerbaijan. The participation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, at the opening ceremony of the Baku Energy Week underscores the prestigious status of this event.

The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan supports the events held within the Baku Energy Week, and the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) acts as the main partner.

Approximately 300 companies from 37 countries have confirmed their participation in the Baku Energy Week. Alongside Azerbaijan, Algeria, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States and Uzbekistan participates at the event. The composition of this year’s exhibition has been enriched by new companies, constituting 15% of the total participants, with a notable interest in green energy in Azerbaijan. Well-known companies, accounting for 40% of the exhibition space, are also prominently featured.

This year, in 2024, the Baku Energy Week is coinciding with a significant event. This year marks the 30th anniversary since the signing of the “Contract of the Century,” a pivotal moment that ushered in a new era in the oil history of the country. This milestone will be duly reflected in the program of the Baku Energy Week. The “Contract of the Century” is widely regarded as the bedrock of Azerbaijan’s energy strategy. It was established under the guidance of the esteemed politician and statesman, National Leader Heydar Aliyev, and transformed Azerbaijan into one of the world’s oil exporters. Hence, it was through the “Contract of the Century” that the cornerstone of our independent state’s oil strategy was laid.

Concurrently, this year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Caspian Oil&Gas exhibition. The initiative for Azerbaijan to host international exhibitions was brought forward by Heydar Aliyev, the founder of the Independent Azerbaijan State. In 1994, National Leader Heydar Aliyev supported the initiative to hold Azerbaijan’s first specialized exhibition of the oil and gas industry. Ever since then, the Caspian Oil&Gas exhibition has become a gathering place for top professionals in the field of oil, gas and energy.

Letters of greeting were sent to the participants from the leaders of the USA, the UK, and Türkiye. Heads of state institutions, energy companies, and diplomatic missions of foreign countries to Azerbaijan actively partake in the Baku Energy Week. It is anticipated the attendance of high-ranking dignitaries at this year’s Baku Energy Week: Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technologies of the United Arab Emirates, Managing Director of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Chairman of Masdar Company, and President of COP28, Alparslan Bayraktar, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Türkiye, Peter Szijjarto, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, Csaba Lantos, Minister of Energy of Hungary, Harry Kemian, Senior Adviser on Multilateral Energy Diplomacy at the US Department of State’s Bureau of Energy Resources, Haysam Al-Qais, Secretary General of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Cristina Lobillo Borrero, European Commission Director General for Energy, Mohamed Hamel, Secretary General of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), Francesco La Camera, Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Atsuko Hiroshe, Acting Secretary General of the International Energy Charter, Angela Wilkinson, Secretary General and Executive Director of the World Energy Congress, Abdulbaqi K AlSalait, energy adviser to the Iraq Ministry of Oil, Tina Sersen, State Secretary for Energy at the Ministry of Ecology, Climate and Energy of the Republic of Slovenia, Abdelkrim Aouissi, Secretary General of the Algerian Ministry of Energy and Mines, and Gordon Birrell, Executive Vice President of Production & Operations for bp.

By bridging traditional energy sectors with emerging green energy fields, Baku Energy Week serves as a platform for pioneering achievements and best practices in this domain. Thus, in 2024, Baku Energy Week coincides with another important event. By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, 2024 was declared the ” Green World Solidarity Year ” in Azerbaijan. This notable event will be reflected in the program of events of the Baku Energy Week.

In recent years, Azerbaijan has become recognized as a centre where international business events are organized. Azerbaijan actively participates in congress and exhibition activities and has a developed infrastructure. Entrusting Azerbaijan with the organization of such a prestigious event as the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change – COP29, corroborates once again the status of the country as a successful organizer of international and large-scale events in the world. As Baku Energy Week gathers energy industry stakeholders ahead of this landmark event, it reaffirms Azerbaijan’s pivotal role in the energy sector and its contribution to global energy security.

Baku Energy Week serves as a platform where current issues in the energy sector are discussed, and important parties in the energy industry come together. This event attracts international representatives and organizations to discuss energy security, energy production, transportation, and other critical global issues. Events, projects, and conferences held during the Baku Energy Week help establish new cooperation in the field of energy, exchange experiences, and determine new directions of development.

The Caspian Oil&Gas exhibition will focus on major oil and gas projects in the Caspian region and energy security in the region. Important topics covered by the exhibition include the development of oil and gas fields, oil and gas transportation and production, telecommunications and IT, oil and gas processing, construction and installation works in the energy sector, and innovative technologies, among others. The exhibition will also showcase innovations in artificial intelligence, the drilling sector, as well as the production and storage of oil and non-gas products.

At the Caspian International Energy and Green Energy exhibition – Caspian Power, innovations in the field of development and use of energy and renewable energy sources by international and local companies, as well as any related proposals will be on the agenda. Solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, thermal energy, nuclear energy, engineering and energy equipment, electric vehicles and electric cars, energy and resource-saving technologies, as well as the other topics will be discussed at the exhibition.

A series of sessions and panel discussions will also take place within the framework of the exhibition. Throughout the course of the exhibition days, panel discussions will be held on the topics of ” Breaking the mold: Reshaping energy solutions”, “New technologies and digitalization”, “Paving the Way Forward: The Future with Eco-Cars and the Increasing Popularity of Electric Vehicles in Azerbaijan”, “Radiation safety during the transport of radioactive materials”, “Pioneering AI in Energy”, “Challenging to inspect pipelines – An update on in-line inspection methods and technology”, “Carbon accounting in the gas value chain and how trends will shape carbon markets of the future”, as well as ” The role of women in the oil and gas sector of Azerbaijan”.

Yet another prestigious event to also be organized within the framework of the Baku Energy Week is the Baku Energy Forum. Energy issues crucial to both Azerbaijan and the Caspian region as a whole will be on the agenda at the forum. Customarily, more than 600 delegates are expected to attend the forum. At this year’s event, topics such as ” International Cooperation for Energy Security and Sustainability”, “Energy security 2.0”,  “International Cooperation for Energy Security and Sustainability”,  “New Technologies and Digitalisation”,  “Gas dialogue: The role of gas supply during the energy crisis”,  ” Exploration and Production Opportunities in the Caspian Region”, ” Oil Flows: Cross-Logistics and Infrastructure Development in Azerbaijan” and “The role of human capital in a successful energy transition” will be discussed. On the eve of COP29, a special session called “Empowering and accelerating green transition: strategies for COP29 and for Green World” was also added to the program of the Baku Energy Forum. Special guests from other countries were invited to participate in the session as speakers.

Environmental issues and the threats they pose to the Earth, along with strategies for their prevention, as well as topics such as green energy, hold a prominent place in the program of events within the Baku Energy Week. Embracing the “Zero Waste” principle, aimed at waste prevention, the use of printed media will be minimized during the 2024 Baku Energy Forum, with a preference for electronic media. Additionally, in alignment with the international “Zero Food Waste” initiative, optimal food usage principles will be applied during the forum.

Additionally, as part of the Baku Energy Forum, the start-up “Ecoleaf,” established by students of the “MiniBoss” school, will be showcased. The concept behind this start-up revolves around pencils with seeds embedded in their heads and notebooks containing plant seeds. These eco-friendly products will be presented to forum participants.

Additionally, traditional bilateral business meetings (B2B, B2G) will take place during the events of Baku Energy Week. Here, representatives from local and foreign companies will have the opportunity to engage in face-to-face discussions regarding potential cooperation and future partnerships.

Additionally, within the framework of the event, the foyer of the Baku Expo Center will feature an exhibition including a semi-submersible drilling rig maket named after Heydar Aliyev, collection of digital images from the author of digital content “Mədəni” and handcrafted pieces made by students from the Design Faculty of the Western Caspian University.

The event attracts many sponsors. This year’s sponsors of Baku Energy Week, whose key partner is SOCAR, includes the companies “ABB”, “ACWA POWER”, “ADNOC”, “AIQ”,  “Ansaldo Energia”, “AZFEN”, “Baku Steel Company”, “bp”, “Caspian Drilling Company”, “Caspian Marine Services”, “Deloitte & Touch”, “GAP Construction”, “GL”, “INPEX”, “John Wood Group PLC” (“Wood”), “KOLIN Construction”, “Masdar”, “MOL Group”, “Nobel Energy”, “Photomate”, “Saudi Aramco”, “SEE BREEZE”, “SLB“, “TEKFEN”, “TotalEnergies“, “Türkiye Petrolleri”, “Uniper” and “Ural Steel”. The “Boston Consulting Group” company acts as an intellectual partner of the Baku Energy Forum.

The organizers of the event are “Iteca Caspian”, “Caspian Event Organizers” and their international partners “ICA Events”, “CEM FZ LLC”. Baku Energy Week is actively supported by the Association of Azerbaijan Exhibition Organizers (ASTA) in 2024, similarly to last year. The companies “AzExpoMontage” LLC, “Caspian Freight Services”, “Ateshgah Insurance”, “Hyatt Regency Baku”, “Ibis Baku City”, “Radisson Hotel Baku”, “Lilac” and “Greenwich Travel Club” act as official partners to the event.

The Energy Year Strategic Roundtable Kuwait 2024

This exclusive, closed-door event brought together distinguished panellists, including Bader Ebrahim Al Attar, managing director of planning and finance at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation; Karim Al Sayed, managing director of SLB in Kuwait; Anar Aliyev, vice president of Kuwait and Qatar for bp; Anwar Almutlaq, country chairman and vice president of upstream in Kuwait for Shell; Dr. Dawoud Bahzad, acting executive director of the Petroleum Research Center at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research; and Kunal Singh, CFA, general manager of the international banking division at Commercial Bank of Kuwait (Al-Tijari).

Together we delved into Kuwait’s strategic measures to develop successful and effective low-carbon strategies. Our discussions highlighted the importance of collaborations and the associated opportunities and challenges and how these can help Kuwait build a sustainable, economically viable and resilient domestic energy value chain.

During the discussion, we highlighted how initiatives such as powering electric submersible pumps with solar power can help achieve Kuwait’s aim to produce 4 million bpd by 2035 in a more sustainable way. The technology needed for this transition is not new; it has been around for years. The focus now is on making these technologies scalable and ensuring economic feasibility to reach the net-zero target by 2050 in the oil and gas industry and countrywide by 2060. Additionally, discussions between IOCs and KPC emphasised the need to go beyond enhanced technical service agreements through the implementation of a more comprehensive partnership agreement framework.

26th World Energy Congress

The World Energy Council has today published its annual World Energy Issues Monitor. The report titled “Redesigning Energy in 5D” assesses the global energy agenda based on the collective expertise and views of nearly 1,800 energy leaders in over 100 countries. Leaders were surveyed in early 2024, following the conclusion of the COP 28 conference in Dubai. The report provides a unique snapshot of leaders’ perceptions of what’s driving energy and energy transitions worldwide.

Now in its 15th year, the 2024 edition shows that the risk of disorderly energy transitions, fuelled by a fragmented energy leadership landscape and with adverse societal consequences, is a key perception of uncertainty across almost all the issues leaders were asked to assess.

Competing global and regional geopolitical agendas, the evolution of energy security concerns to encompass critical minerals and demand driven energy shocks and disruptions, and the varying regional nature of climate action priorities have converged to shape a distinctly uncertain path to achieving Net Zero and beyond.

The report reaffirms five critical global drivers of change –

  • Decarbonisation programs,
  • Digitalisation schemes,
  • Disruption to the demand-side,
  • Diversification of energy sources,
  • and an increasingly Decentralised approach to energy systems – and how they shape energy transitions worldwide.

Dr Angela Wilkinson, Secretary General & CEO of the World Energy Council, said:

“While the direction towards zero emissions energy systems is clear, the journey to a sustainable future is fraught with challenges. This year’s World Energy Issues Monitor edition reflects global uncertainty about the collective ability to manage clean and inclusive energy transitions at speed and scale. The context of an increasingly fragmented energy leadership landscape and competitive geopolitics is exacerbating uncertainties.”

Commodity Prices were a key critical uncertainty across all regions of the world save for North America, with 34% of Europe respondents describing it as an area of very high uncertainty. Stakeholder coordination, notably around engaging diverse communities to form new energy ecosystems and pathfinding, remains a priority, with 50% of the respondents describing it as an area of high/very high impact. A third of respondents expressed that Risk to Peace is a very high uncertainty, of which 41% were from Europe and 26% from Asia.

Despite uncertainty around global collaboration, the report also demonstrates a prioritisation of equity and inclusivity. Energy leaders left COP 28 at the end of 2023 with a renewed mandate to scale up climate action before the end of the decade, with nearly 200 countries signing up to the UAE Consensus that recognised the need to transition away from fossil fuels “…in a just, orderly and equitable manner.”

Collaboration emerges as a critical design choice amidst these complexities. The interconnectedness of the 5Ds underscores the importance of engaging more people and diverse communities to accelerate energy transitions at the pace and scale required.This year’s 26th World Energy Congress: Redesigning Energy for People and Planet, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on 22-25 April, will provide an opportunity to address leaders’ uncertainties, develop clear action pathways, and foster inclusive and impactful collaboration.

The survey also included two distinct groups: the World Energy Council Future Energy Leaders, comprising energy professionals under 35 years of age, and innovative start-up companies founded less than 10 years ago.

About the World Energy Council

The World Energy Council is the world’s oldest independent and impartial community of energy leaders and practitioners. Through our Humanising Energy vision, we involve more people and communities in accelerating clean and just energy transitions in all world regions.

Formed in 1923, the Council has convened diverse interests from across the full energy ecosystem for a century, and today has over 3,000 member organisations and a presence in nearly 100 countries. Our global network draws from governments, private and state corporations, academia and civil society, as well as current and future energy leaders.

We effectively collaborate on impact programmes and inform local, regional and global energy agendas in support of our enduring mission: to promote the sustainable use and supply of energy for the benefit of all people. Further details at www.worldenergy.org and on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About the World Energy Congress

For 100 years, the World Energy Congress has convened the cooperative power of the world energy community to turn inspiration into action. As the global flagship platform of the World Energy Council, the World Energy Congress reaches across the public, private and civic sectors to connect and inspire leaders and practitioners from within and beyond energy.

Hosted in cities across the world since 1924, the Congress is a unique space for the world energy community to address challenges of energy for people and planet, catalyse new co-operations and build multiple better pathways for global energy transitions.

With around 18,000 total attendees including 7,000 delegates, 70 Ministers and a sizeable media contingent, the World Energy Congress is a globally recognised, world-class event that welcomes leaders from all corners of the world as they come together to enable solutions and deliver impact in an era of energy for people and planet. Ministers, C-suite executives, NGOs, experts, academics, and young entrepreneurs – the Congress hosts the full spectrum of the energy sector and its value chain.

The 26th World Energy Congress is now open to book participation as a delegate, exhibitor, exhibition visitor and media. You may also register your interest to be a sponsor or a media partner. Further information at World Energy Congress and @WECongress.


STATIC Arabia takes place at the Dhahran Expo Center, Al-Khobar in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 13th to 15th May, 2024.

Anticipated to cross all previous thresholds with over 3,000 participants, the event will gather Industrial Equipment Manufacturers from across the global Energy Sector, showcasing the Core Capabilities, Innovations, Commitment and Technicality of the latest technologies and solutions that are set to propel the Energy Sector to greater heights.

Leading global Industry Experts, Key Decision Makers, Thought Leaders and Changemakers will take the stage to highlight the significance of present demand and the adoption of Net-Zero Strategy in the field of Industrial Equipment in heavy industries in line with the Kingdom’s Vision to increase Smart Manufacturing, across multiple conference tracks:

  • Sustainability, Decarbonization and Renewable Energy Strategic Conference
  • Static Equipment Engineering and Maintenance Technical Conference

World Hydrogen 2024 Summit & Exhibition

As part of the SEC World Hydrogen Series, the Official World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition in Rotterdam is proud to announce its partnership with esteemed entities including the Government of the Netherlands, Province of Zuid-Holland, the Port of Rotterdam, and the City of Rotterdam. This collaboration underscores a steadfast commitment to fostering innovation and driving forward the global hydrogen agenda.

The World Hydrogen 2024 Summit & Exhibition will showcase a diverse range of events and features including the C-Level Summit, the world’s largest hydrogen-focused Exhibition, the Africa Hydrogen Forum, 2 x H2 Tech Series Stages, and the prestigious World Hydrogen Awards. Attendees can also look forward to captivating site visits to the Port of Rotterdam’s hydrogen projects, providing firsthand insights into pioneering initiatives shaping the future of energy.  The event is set to welcome 15,000 attendees from across the global energy value chain.

“This year’s summit is poised to be our most impactful yet, as hydrogen continues to emerge as a central component of global energy strategies,” said Chris Hugall, Managing Director of The Sustainable Energy Council. “With the support of our esteemed event partners and participants, we are confident that World Hydrogen 2024 will serve as a catalyst for meaningful collaborations, driving innovation, and accelerating the transition towards a sustainable energy future.”

The World Hydrogen 2024 Summit & Exhibition is scheduled to take place from Sunday, May 12th to Thursday, May 16th, 2024. The Summit will be held from May 13th to May 15th, while the Exhibition will run from May 13th to May 14th. Site visits will take place May 12th and May 16th.

NIES 2024 unveils esteemed lineup of speakers for the global energy summit

The Summit will be graced by the esteemed presence of His Excellency, Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu, GCFR, President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, who will deliver the keynote address. President Tinubu’s participation is expected to not only elevate Nigeria’s standing in the global energy community but also foster collaborations that transcend geographical boundaries.

Hon. Ekperikpe Ekpo, Minister of State for Petroleum Resources (Gas), will present the Gas Industry Address, while Senator Heineken Lokpobiri, Minister of State for Petroleum Resources (Oil), will deliver the Oil Industry Address.
Internationally acclaimed speakers include H.E Haitham Al Ghais, OPEC Secretary General, Dr. Omar Farouk Ibrahim, Secretary General, African Petroleum Producers Organization (APPO), H.E Eng. Mohamed Hamel, Secretary General, Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), and H.E. Joseph McMonigle, Secretary General, International Energy Forum (IEF).

From the industry, distinguished speakers include Mr. Abdulrazaq Isa, Chairman, International Petroleum Producers Group (IPPG)/Waltersmith Group, Mr. Osagie Okunbor, Country Chair/CEO, Shell Companies in Nigeria/ Chairman, Oil Producers Trade Section (OPTS), and Mrs. Catherine Uju Ifejika, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Brittania-U. Other notable speakers are Mr. Mele Kolo Kyari, GCEO, Nigeria National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL), Mrs. Elohor Aiboni, Managing Director, SNEPCo, Mr. Austin Avuru, Executive Chairman, Platform Petroleum Ltd/Chairman, AA Holdings Limited, Mr. Matthieu Bouyer, CEO, TotalEnergies, Mr. Shane Harris, CEO, Exxonmobil Nigeria, Mr. Adewale Tinubu, GCEO, Oando Plc, Mr. Rick Kennedy, Chairman/MD, Chevron Nigeria and a host of others.

The theme of the summit, ‘Navigating the new energy world order: Security, Transition, and Finance.’ reflects the imperative for stakeholders in the energy industry to collaboratively address challenges related to security, adapt to the changing energy landscape, and mobilize financial resources for a sustainable and resilient future. This theme encourages discussions and initiatives that contribute to shaping a dynamic and responsible global energy paradigm.
“NIES 2024 promises to be a groundbreaking summit, bringing together key players in the energy sector to explore the challenges and opportunities in the new energy world order. We are honored to facilitate a platform that fosters dialogue and collaboration among industry leaders,” says James Shindi, Chief Executive, Brevity Anderson, the conference producers, and event organizers.

As tradition dictates, NIES 2024 is expected to draw the highest level of attendance from top decision-makers, industry leaders, and stakeholders across Africa and the global energy community.

The Nigeria International Energy Summit (NIES), the official Oil and Gas meeting of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is an annual gathering that serves as the official platform for dialogue and collaboration within the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. Jointly hosted by the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources and its parastatals, NIES brings together key industry players, decision-makers, and stakeholders to address critical issues and opportunities in the evolving energy landscape.

4th Suriname Energy, Oil & Gas Summit & Exhibition

#SEOGS is the market leading energy and offshore event in Suriname and the largest energy event in the Caribbean attracting a regional and international audience. With the first developments on the horizon, new PSCs awarded from the 2023 Demerara Bid Round, exploration and appraisal drilling campaigns ongoing and a new shallow offshore licensing round underway the Suriname-Guyana basin continues to be the hottest oil and gas basin and investment destination on the planet.

With exponential growth expected in the coming years SEOGS 2024 will see the introduction of a 3rd exhibition hall, deliver a 4-day executive summit, 2-day technical conference, 2-day workshops and roundtables programme, a women economic empowerment program, a youth empowerment program and numerous functions, networking receptions and opportunities to develop business, partnerships, and projects. There is no better time and place to profile your company, position your brand, showcase your products, technologies, equipment, and services in front of those that matter and the entire energy, oil, and gas value chain.

India Energy Week

Held under the patronage of the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India, and officially supported by the Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI), India Energy Week 2024 will be India’s largest and only all-encompassing energy exhibition and conference, bringing together the entire energy value chain, and will catalyze India’s energy transition goals.

Welcoming over 35,000 attendees, 350 exhibitors, 400 speakers and 4,000+ delegates, from over 100 countries, India Energy Week will be a truly global gathering, convening policymakers, business leaders and energy pioneers to collaborate, discover new opportunities and strengthen partnerships.